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Global Warming, Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Earth

Concern for the environment is no longer the realm of fringe groups and tree hugging granola types shouting for attention about some obscure species in an even more obscure part of the world. Green is mainstream, propelled from the fringes of society smack into the lives of everyday oblivious people like, well, us.
Climate change and global warming brought about by too much carbon pumped into the atmosphere is a fact, and anyone who refuses to acknowledge that fact is putting on their best head-in-the-sand ostrich imitation.
Well, the time for charades is long gone. Glaciers and icebergs are melting, temperatures are rising, drought is spreading, species are threatened or dead, our childrenís future is in question; itís a worldwide problem that demands worldwide collaboration on every level: the political, the national, the local and the personal.
Now that the word is out and accepted by authority, namely scientists and governments, itís time to deal with global warming pragmatically and ask, ďOK, what next? What can we do? What needs to change? And how?Ē Letís not kid ourselves. Weíre facing a monumental challenge like never before. Itís time for creative, unselfish, and cooperative action. And itís time to recognize our interdependence: what we do here affects whatís going on over there.
Thatís what Carbon Neutral Earth is all about. Itís a virtual meeting place to explore whatís going on with global warming and climate change and observe whoís doing what and how. Itís a place to ask questions, look for answers, and offer solutions. Mainly though, itís a place to inspire action.
ďBe the change you want to see in the world.Ē Good advice from one of the most successful change agents of the twentieth century, Mahatma Gandhi. Carbon Neutral Earth wants to help people be the change they want to see. Letís work to create that vision, together.

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